AWANA at University Baptist Church


AWANA, which stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed (taken from the theme verse, 2 Timothy 2:15), is an international club program started about 50 years ago. It combines the excitement of unique games and challenging contests with memorizing God’s word and lessons from the Bible.

Our AWANA Clubs

  • Puggles 2-3 years old and fully potty trained
  • Cubbies for 3- 5-year-olds
  • Sparks for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • Truth & Training for children in the 3rd through 5th grade
  • The clubs are held on Sunday evenings at 4:30 to 6:00pm begin. We are committed to running a program where children learn what it means to be like Jesus from Bible study and observing the lives of adult leaders who follow Jesus themselves.


    Nov. 6 – Double Bucks & Return OCC boxes

    Nov. 13 – Patriotic Night & Return OCC boxes

    Nov. 20 – King and Queen Night

    Nov. 27 – No club Happy Thanksgiving!

    Order AWANA materials


    Puggles Package (shirt and dues-no book)


    Cubbies Package #1 (vest, book, dues)

    Cubbies Package #2 (Book and Dues)

    Cubbies Handbook Bag (optional)


    Sparks Package #1 (vest,book,dues)

    Sparks Package #2 (books and dues)

    Sparks Handbook Bag (optional)


    T&T Package #1 (shirt, books, dues)

    T&T Package #2 (books and dues)

    T&T Handbook Bag (optional)

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