The Ripple Effect of Your Life-Ruth 4

  You never know what effect your life might have on someone else or even the world. People like Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Johannes Gutenberg, Mother Theresa, The Wright Brothers, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and Walt Disney didn’t set out to change […]

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We Are Not Defined by the Past-Ruth 3

  How do you define yourself? People often allow their lives to be determined by their past. They see themselves through a distorted mirror which highlights their past mistakes or problematic family history. Today my hope is that you will see through Ruth’s story that you are not destined to remain stuck in the past […]

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How to Navigate Despair-Ruth 1:6-22

  In June of 2006 a friend of mine committed suicide. He was a Youth Pastor and had just attended a meeting at his church that upset him and led him to believe he might lose his job. Several years earlier he had been fired from another youth ministry position and the ugliness of that […]

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God’s Gracious Invitation-Ruth 2

  Last week we learned about Naomi, an aged widow who had lost her husband and two sons. We also learned about her daughter-in-law Ruth who showed extravagant loyalty and love to Naomi by choosing to leave her homeland, family, and religion and stay by Naomi’s side. When we left off last week Naomi and […]

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  LOVING OTHERS This morning we begin our new sermon series in the book of Ruth and here’s what we’re going to learn – God’s love for us demands that we love others. God’s love for us demands that we love others. God’s Word is very clear on this. If you claim to love God, […]

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