God is For You- Romans 8

On June 25, 1981, Eugene Lang returned to the elementary school he had attended 53 years earlier. Lang was a successful businessman by that time, a man worth millions, but the neighborhood he’d grown up in had changed drastically. East Harlem’s children were poor and the drop-out rate for the community schools were among the […]

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Last week we studied Romans 6 and learned that through our relationship with Jesus we have been set free from slavery to sin. We learned that we have a new identity in Jesus and our new purpose in life is to bring glory to God. I hope that that message was liberating as you recognized […]

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In Romans 5 Paul taught us about our blessings in Christ and what it meant to be “in Christ” compared to being “in Adam.” In chapters 6-8 Paul continues to teach us what life in Christ looks like. Today we will see in chapter 6 that in Christ we have been set free from sin’s […]

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