Empty Marriage-Genesis 2; 1 Corinthians

Today we come to the end of our Empty sermon series. So far we’ve seen that: -When we FOLLOW OUR DREAMS instead of living God’s dreams for our lives – we will end up EMPTY. -When we follow RELIGION instead of following Christ – we will end up EMPTY. -When we try to find CONTENTMENT in […]

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Empty Checkbook-Matthew 6:19-24

Good morning! Welcome back to our Empty sermon series. We’ve been talking about how we can have the type of life that we were meant to live. A life that is fulfilling and purposeful – a life that avoids the common pitfalls that lead to feelings of emptiness and despair. So far we’ve seen that […]

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Good morning! I’m so glad you’ve chosen to come to church on Easter Sunday! Easter is always such a great day – a day of celebration and joy. I hope you’ve experienced or at least witnessed that joy here this morning. We are excited and joyful today because it’s the day we celebrate the resurrection […]

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Empty Dreams – Luke 19; Romans 12

The settlers of Jamestown and Plymouth believed in it. Our forefathers framed it. Bill Gates personifies it. Kanye West, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day and just about every other musician describes it. Thousands of people storm our borders each year to get a slice of it. The American Dream. Our culture promises that if you will […]

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