Our final study in Nehemiah is a bittersweet one.  It’s not quite the happy ending we always hope for in a storyline.  We have been taken on a journey of mountaintop moments and some valleys that Nehemiah and his people had to persevere through.  Last week was one of the mountaintop experiences.  The wall was […]

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Desperate Renewal(Nehemiah 8-10)

This morning I want to talk about renewal. As we try to get our minds prepared for today’s story, I want you to think about what renewal has looked like or might look like in your life. To be renewed means to be restored, revived, or to recover. It feels good to be renewed doesn’t […]

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Responding to Opposition(Nehemiah 4 – 7)

Can you think of some times in your life that you’ve faced opposition?  Perhaps you’re dealing with some opposition now.  It is never fun to have someone oppose you, but it’s especially difficult to deal with when you’re doing something that you feel is the right thing to do.  I’ve encouraged you the last few […]

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The Gates of Salvation(Nehemiah 3)

This morning we are continuing our journey through the book of Nehemiah.  As we began, we saw that God placed a burden on Nehemiah’s heart to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem.  Last week we watched as Nehemiah responded to God in faith and as God worked in a miraculous way to release Nehemiah from captivity, […]

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Responding to God(Nehemiah 2)

Last week we entered into the story of Nehemiah and we learned about the burden that God placed on his heart for his homeland and his people. Nehemiah was heartbroken about the disgrace and trouble that his people faced. Although some of the people had been able to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the […]

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Have you ever wandered away from God?  Or perhaps you outright turned in the opposite direction?  Or maybe you haven’t wandered away or turned away from God, but you feel like you might’ve missed out on a plan He had for you by some of the paths you’ve taken in life.  Maybe you feel like […]

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