Introduction Last week in Romans 10 we looked at the reasons for God’s rejection of Israel in the first century and we learned that it was due to their lack of faith. The Jews were zealous for God, but they sought a relationship with Him on the basis of their own terms rather than His. […]

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An Apparent Contradiction Last week we studied the difficult and challenging ninth chapter of Romans. We were challenged by God’s sovereignty and freedom to do as He pleases. We read that He has mercy on whom He wants to have mercy and He has compassion on whom He wants to have compassion. We were reminded […]

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The Sovereignty of God – Romans 9

A Difficult Passage of Scripture As we approach Romans 9 this morning, that song is most fitting for us to remember. God is God and we are not. This morning we are going to wrestle through a complicated and sometimes confusing passage of Scripture, and as we do we need to remember that whether or […]

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