The Conclusion – Romans 15 & 16

Six months ago we began our journey in the book of Romans and today we reach its conclusion. As Paul ends his letter to the church at Rome I want to remind you of his purpose for writing as we will hear him hit on the same themes here in the closing. Up to this […]

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In chapter 12 Paul began applying all of the doctrine he had been teaching in Romans 1-8. He taught that we are to be humble, we should use our spiritual gifts to serve the Body of Christ, and we should love one another. Last week, in chapter 13 he taught that another practical way we […]

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Christian Citizenship – Romans 13

Last week in chapter 12 Paul exhorted followers of Jesus saying, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (12:2) Following this command Paul delineated a few themes that helped us to better understand how to apply this teaching. He taught that we […]

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A TALE OF TWO CHURCH MEMBERS Dr. Thom Rainer is the President of the Southern Baptist publishing company called Lifeway Christian Resources. In his book called, I Am a Church Member, Dr. Rainer tells the following story: When Michael and Liam began meeting for Monday morning breakfast at 6 a.m. more than five months ago, […]

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