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Surrendering Yourself(Romans 12:1-12:8)

Two weeks ago we looked at the Principle of First, which says, “When God is first, everything else is in order.  When God is not first, everything else is out of order.”  We learned that in order to give God our hearts, He must be our treasure, because “Where your treasure is, there your heart […]

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Don’t Deceive Yourself(Mark 10:17-31)

An Unfulfilled Life In chapter 10 of the book of Mark we find the story of a young man who had great intentions, but didn’t have the wisdom to prioritize correctly.  We find this story in three of the four gospel accounts and we learn that this man is moral, he is religious, and he […]

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Your First Love(Mal. 3:6-12; Matt. 6:19-34)

A burglar broke into a house one day. As he was stealing the valuables he heard a voice out of the darkness that said, “Jesus is watching you”. He almost choked. He stopped and looked around and then he shook off his fear and went on stealing some more. Suddenly just as before the voice […]

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