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The Transformation Choice

Welcome to week 5 of Life’s Healing Choices! If this is your first time here this week, you need to know that we’ve been going through a sermon series on the Beatitudes that we started on Easter. Each week we’ve been looking at one of the statements Jesus made at the beginning of His most […]

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The Housecleaning Choice

  We are in the fourth week of an eight-week series called Life’s Healing Choices. So before we move forward, let me take us backwards and review where we have been so far. We can sum up the first three weeks, the first three choices of this study I think in three short phrases: I […]

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The Hope Choice

  It’s good to see you in the second week of Life’s Healing Choices. Last week we started a look together at the Beatitudes of Jesus at the beginning of the most famous sermon ever preached, the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus began by saying “Here are eight things that will allow you to be […]

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The Reality Choice

  Good morning! Happy Easter! I’m so glad you’re here! This is the biggest day of the year for followers of Jesus because it’s the day that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Without the resurrection, followers of Christ have nothing to celebrate. It isn’t enough that Jesus died on the cross to take the […]

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