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Jason Wing-February 2, 2020

Pastor Jason continues the series in the book of Mark.  He focused on Mark 10:1-11. Takeaways for us this week are: 1. We must continue to affirm that marriage is both designed and defined by God. 2. We must enter into marriage with God’s purposes in mind, not just our own desires. 3. We must […]

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Jason Wing-January 26, 2020

Pastor Jason continues our series in the book of Mark, focusing in Mark 9:42-50. Some takeaways from this sermon: 1. If you find yourself in conflict or competition with another believer, start by asking yourself “What needs to die in me?” 2. We must get radically serious about cutting out the sin in our lives. […]

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Jason Wing-January 19, 2020

Pastor Jason continued part 2 of the series on the book of Mark, focusing on Mark 9:1-13. Takeaways from the sermon are: Remember that knowing God leads to both wonder and fear. Be careful of becoming a theological know-it-all. Keep knowing and trusting your Bible.

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