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U!Kids desires to offer a growing Children’s Ministry Team of dedicated people with a heart for children, providing a safe place for children to experience God through strong and loving relationships and a fun, creative environment. We want to help your children to love God with all their heart, mind, and strength. And to help them discover who they are so they can influence their world!

Our weekend services are designed with children in mind! Each child is taught in an age-appropriate environment. From Infants to 5th grade our desire is to see each child be cared for in an individual way.

Our ministry for U!Kids is designed to meet the spiritual and developmental needs of children while providing a safe and playful environment.

Infants (3 months-18 months) – Our purpose in this community is to provide infants with a compassionately nurturing introduction to our church that extends parents’ love, protection, and care. The room is well equipped with age-appropriate toys and comforting adult ministry partners.

Toddlers (18 months-3 years) – Children of this active age are given a loving, safe place where they are free to develop their personalities and grow in their understanding of God with age-appropriate guidance. There is a lot of time for choice play.

Preschool (3 years-5 years) – Children are welcomed into the unfolding story of God in the Bible and in their lives through stories, worship, play and one another. A hands-on, child-directed response curriculum is used. This curriculum is called The Gospel Project by Lifeway. This community is appropriate for preschoolers three years and older who are used to a “circle time” experience, are becoming able to sit for story time, and can articulate simple observations.


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U!Kids LIVE (K-5th grade): Children are immersed into the stories of God through The Gospel Project by Lifeway. Children are given opportunities for worship through Bible Study, Worship Music, Offering, Hands-on Activities, and Prayer as a group. U!Kids LIVE is during both service Times.

U!Kids Small Groups (K-5th grade)*: Children continue to be welcomed into the stories of God throughThe Gospel Project by Lifeway, but more emphasis is placed on group discussion, personal response, Bible Study, & Bible Skills. U!Kids Small Groups occur within the U!Kids LIVE time and are offered during each service.


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Awana is a program for PreK-5th Grade where kids come together to learn Bible verses, play games, and earn awards!

Sunday nights at 4:30-6:00pm – 2223 Hanes Rd.

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If you have any further questions about our Children’s Ministry, please email the Children’s Director, Bobbie Schell.

Children’s Director